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Tin-Pure Tin-WanLuTong Metal Group

  WanLuTong Metal was officially registered and established in 2009, headquartered in Qingdao, China. It has been intensive cultivation for more than ten years. After accumulating a large number of practical experience and talent reserves, its direct operation platform was put into operation in May 2013 and officially launched in November of the same year. As a non-ferrous metal direct marketing network platform with 10 years of non-ferrous metal cross-border trade background, the project has been favored by well-known angel investment institutions and investors at home and abroad since its inception. The first round of financing is about to break through two billion US dollars.
  Business scope: Internet + collectivize direct sale of nonferrous metals. It is a high-tech enterprise integrating smelting, spectral analysis, casting, extrusion, stretching, processing and eddy current testing of non-ferrous metals such as copper, aluminum, zinc, magnesium, nickel, cobalt, tin, lead and cadmium. Enterprises strictly in accordance with international standards to produce copper, aluminum products and copper alloys, tin bronze, phosphorus bronze, lead bronze, aluminum bronze, silicon bronze, manganese bronze, beryllium bronze, aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy, nickel alloy, tin alloy, titanium alloy, zinc alloy, molybdenum alloy, zirconium alloy and other materials such as plate, coil, foil, strip, bar, tube, ingot, profiles.
Tin is a low melting point metallic element with a silver-white luster. Its melting point is only 232 C. Therefore, it can be melted like mercury with a candle flame. It will not be oxidized by air, mainly in the form of dioxide and various sulfides. The element symbol Sn.

  Tin is a famous "hardware" - one of gold, silver, copper, iron and tin. Tin is the fourth rare metal in platinum, gold, and silver. It is harmless to the human body and is called green metal. China has a long history of application of tinware.
Tin was discovered and used as early as ancient times. It is similar to lead and zinc, but looks brighter. It has low hardness and can be cut with a knife. It has good ductility, especially when the temperature is 100 C, it can develop into very thin tin foil, the thickness can be thinner than 0.04 mm.
  Tin has the characteristics of low melting point, non-toxicity, corrosion resistance, forming alloys with many metals, good ductility and beautiful appearance. Therefore, the importance and application scope of tin has been constantly emerging and expanding.
Tin is mainly used in the production of alloys and tinplate. Manufacturing alloys, mainly including tin-lead solder, tin bronze, bearing alloys and other alloys. Pure tin acts slowly with weak organic acid and has good corrosion resistance. Even if it is corroded, the resulting compounds are generally non-toxic. Therefore, a large number of hot-dip tinning is used to produce tinplate for corrosion protection or food industry.

  Pure tin has a peculiar property: when the tin rod and tin plate bend, there will be a special burst sound as if it were crying. The sound is caused by friction between crystals. Such friction occurs when the crystal is deformed. Strangely enough, if you change the tin alloy, you will not cry when it is deformed. Therefore, people often distinguish whether a metal is tin or not according to this characteristic of tin.
  Pure tin is used for tinfoil packaging of cigarettes, candies, toothpaste skin, etc. Tin alloys, tin-plated iron sheets and alloying elements (such as zirconium tin alloys for atomic energy industry) are prepared.
Normally, tin products can be preserved as long as they are not permanently placed below minus 15 degrees Celsius. It can be used in daily life. Because tin products are not plated on any material, the trouble of surface peeling is eliminated, and the original luster of tin products can be maintained by simple maintenance.

  WanLuTong Metal Group has a large production base. It adopts international advanced testing equipment such as German imported direct reading spectrometer, Japanese universal pull testing machine, Brinell digital hardness tester and Swiss imported eddy current flaw detector to strictly control the material quality, hardness and various mechanical properties of products.
Products such as tin ingot, tin ball, tin bar, tin wire, tin bar, tin plate, tin strip and tin block, which are produced strictly according to international standards, have been directly exported to the world through Internet + group nonferrous metal online.
  As of December 2018, WanLuTong Metal Services Network has spread all over the world. It has three continents and 81 offices abroad, with more than 6300 employees.
  Currently, more than 300 non-ferrous metal enterprises have cooperated, and are currently in final communication and negotiation with other project managers of other enterprises. It is expected that by the end of 2019, 320 enterprises will reach a long-term strategic partnership of equity integration.

  WanLuTong metal global direct operation platform has carried out online direct selling transactions and international exhibitions and multinational joint marketing mode. It has collectivize production, supply, R & D, sales platform and business development for global non-ferrous metals, and has formed a standardized, large-scale, all-round, three-dimensional, Internet and diversified production, supply, R & D and marketing service system. At the same time, the platform takes online trading as the core, integrates the equity reform of third-party enterprises under the name of WanLuTong Group to form a direct platform for the development, warehousing logistics and network trading of large groups of non-ferrous metals, presents a multi-win "perfect closed-loop", speeds up the efficiency of online trading, financial services, warehousing logistics and data conversion, and reduces transaction costs. With high service quality, the barriers of non-ferrous metals in the past have been broken one by one, so that the interests and costs of international customers can be reduced and shared.