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Zinc-Pure Zinc-Wanlutong Metal Group

  WanLuTong Metal is the world's first cross-border network platform for non-ferrous metals industry. The aim is to provide a seamless solution for the non-ferrous metal product chain. We are committed to creating online negotiation matchmaking, cross-border network procurement, warehousing and logistics, online multi-language interview and communication and a series of one-stop trading service platforms.
  Business scope: Internet + collectivize direct sale of nonferrous metals. It is a high-tech enterprise integrating smelting, spectral analysis, casting, extrusion, stretching, processing and eddy current testing of non-ferrous metals such as copper, aluminum, zinc, magnesium, nickel, cobalt, tin, lead and cadmium. Enterprises strictly in accordance with international standards to produce copper, aluminum products and copper alloys, tin bronze, phosphorus bronze, lead bronze, aluminum bronze, silicon bronze, manganese bronze, beryllium bronze, aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy, nickel alloy, tin alloy, titanium alloy, zinc alloy, molybdenum alloy, zirconium alloy and other materials such as plate, coil, foil, strip, bar, tube, ingot, profiles.

  Zinc is a light gray transition metal. Zinc is the fourth most common metal, second only to iron, aluminium and copper. But not the most abundant element in the crust. The appearance of the battery is silver-white. It has an indelible position in the modern industry for battery manufacturing (the surface of the battery is zinc skin), and it is a very important metal. Its density is slightly smaller than that of iron, and it has a hexagonal crystal structure.
Zinc is hard and brittle at room temperature, but it becomes tough at 100 to 150 degrees C. When the temperature exceeds 210 degrees C, zinc becomes brittle again and can be crushed by beating. The conductivity of zinc is in the middle. Among all metals, its melting point (420 C) and boiling point (900 C) are relatively low. Except for mercury and cadmium, its melting point is the lowest of all transition metals.
  Zinc is easy to dissolve in acid and replace gold, silver and copper from solution. Because zinc is easy to form a protective film on the surface at room temperature, zinc is widely used in galvanizing industry. Zinc can form alloys with many non-ferrous metals. Among them, alloys composed of zinc, aluminium and copper are widely used in die casting. Brass consisting of zinc and copper, tin and lead, used in machinery manufacturing. Zinc sheet containing a small amount of lead and cadmium can be made into zinc-manganese dry battery negative electrode, printed zinc sheet, powder corrosion photographic sheet and offset printing sheet, etc. Zinc reacts with acids or strong bases, releasing hydrogen. Zinc fertilizer (zinc sulfate, zinc chloride) can promote plant cell respiration and carbohydrate metabolism. Zinc powder, zinc barium white and zinc chrome yellow can be used as pigments. Zinc oxide can also be used in medicine, rubber, paint and other industries.

  WanLutong Metal Group has a large specialized production base. It adopts international advanced testing equipment such as German imported direct reading spectrometer, Japanese universal pull testing machine, Brinell digital hardness tester and Swiss imported eddy current flaw detector to strictly control the material quality, hardness and various mechanical properties of products. Products such as zinc ingot, electrolytic zinc, zinc wire, zinc segment, zinc pellet, zinc ball, zinc ball, pure zinc anode, zinc pipe, zinc bar, zinc plate, zinc strip, zinc foil and so on, which are strictly in accordance with international standards, have been directly exported to the world through Internet + group nonferrous metal online.
  In May 2013, the predecessor of WanLuTong Metal Platform, China Nonferrous Metal Network Project, was officially launched.
  In September 2014, WanLuTong Metal Platform was awarded a credible website verification unit by China Internet Information Center.
  In November 2016, WanLuTong Metal Platform was officially revamped and registered, and won unanimous praise from the industry.
  In May 2017, the daily turnover of online negotiation contracts exceeded 350,000 tons.
  In June 2017, the second edition of WanLutong Metal Platform was officially launched. After the system was launched, it can handle up to 100,000 transactions per day and 20,000 enterprises at the same time. It laid a good IT foundation for the opening and future development of WanLutong Metal Global Market.
  In December 2017, WanLuTong Metal, as an important representative, participated in the Annual Meeting of 2018 Bulk Non-ferrous Metal Market Summit Forum held in Shanghai Transnational Purchasing Exhibition Center. WanLuTong Metal Platform officially appeared on the national bulk trading platform.
  In December 2017, WanLuTong, a leader in direct selling of non-ferrous metal bulk products, took part in the annual forum held in Beijing, China. The big data boosted the industry into the "one belt and one road" to find new opportunities for the industry. CEO Qianyu Li made an important speech in the Forum, and led a large number of non-ferrous metals industry, timely transformation, relying on the Internet, with the help of WanLuTong Metal cited. Leading the industry towards intelligent non-ferrous metal platform.
  In January 2018, more than 300 manufacturers were jointly developed by WanLuTong Metal Equity Integration, 200,000 enterprises were directly negotiated and traded online, and more than 50,000 enterprises were actively cooperated for a long time.
  In December 2018, WanLuTong Metal won the first place in China's "Top Ten Non-ferrous Metal E-Commerce Enterprises in 2018".

  WanLuTong metal global direct operation platform has carried out online direct selling transactions and international exhibitions and multinational joint marketing mode. It has collectivize production, supply, R & D, sales platform and business development for global non-ferrous metals, and has formed a standardized, large-scale, all-round, three-dimensional, Internet and diversified production, supply, R & D and marketing service system. At the same time, the platform takes online trading as the core, integrates the equity reform of third-party enterprises under the name of WanLuTong Group to form a direct platform for the development, warehousing logistics and network trading of large groups of non-ferrous metals, presents a multi-win "perfect closed-loop", speeds up the efficiency of online trading, financial services, warehousing logistics and data conversion, and reduces transaction costs. With high service quality, the barriers of non-ferrous metals in the past have been broken one by one, so that the interests and costs of international customers can be reduced and shared.